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Increasingly the crime of 'car jacking' is hitting the headlines. This is where thieves steal a car whilst it is being driven, often using violence or threats of violence against the driver.

This new DVD highlights the tactics being used by car thieves to get around more and more sophisticated car security devices.

Although car jackings are spectacular and frightening it is much more common and easier for thieves to simply steal peoples car keys.This so called "car key crime" can be while the driver is off-guard filling up at the petrol station or when they are loading their car at the supermarket, for example.

It is a crime that is very much on the increase but, as this DVD shows, it is one that can be prevented or deterred by using a few simple precautions.

Security is Key crime prevention DVD for West Midlands Police presented by BBC "To Catch aThief" presenter Richard Taylor and LLewela Bailey from Central TV.

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