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The Mental Capacity Act 2005 (implimented in 2007) creates statutory provisions to empower and protect vulnerable people who lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions.

This Interactive DVD and workbook, commissioned by three West Midlands, provides a resource that can be used by individuals, in short group learning sessions or to support training sessions of up to a day in length. It provides a learning resource for awareness level plus materials for more detailed exploration of the Act. Having a combination of interviews with key personnel and short drama scenes, it provides useful knowledge of the topic. The use of such short drama clips allows the application of learning, inviting the learner to consider how the Act will apply in practice.

What’s included in the interactive DVD? There are 8 sections covering issues such as the principles of the Act, assessment of capacity and best interest decisions, advanced decisions to refuse medical treatment and the new Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service (IMCA). Every section includes interviews with key personnel, plus an “on screen” exercise followed by a learning summary. There are 5 drama scenes which illustrate the different aspects of the Act, covering a range of situations such as community living, hospital care and issues for people with a learning disability and older people.

How can the interactive DVD be used? Each section can be used as a stand alone learning and development session or combined to deliver a learning activity of a minimum of four hours. Who are the potential users of this resource? Anyone in health and social care, private and voluntary organisations, service users & carers.

The DVD is supported by a workbook detailing how the materials can be used, including handouts and further information about the Mental capacity Act 2005.

My Decision Today, Your Decision Tomorrow Training DVD and booklet produced to introduce the issues surrounding the implementation of the 2005 Mental capacity Act.

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