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Production Guide - An introduction to the process
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Magnetic Pictures "Beginners Guide" to the Production Planning Process

For anyone new to programme making here is a brief guide to demystify the planning process!


The process of video production flows in a logical pattern, broadly speaking consisting of three main phases:

1) Pre Production - This phase includes the development of the original idea and all of the decisions about what is to be included in the programme, how the final content is to be delivered, integration with other media, web sites and so on. At this stage scripts are written and all of the planning arrangements for filming are made such as where do we film? when do we film? and who is needed for each section of the programme?

2) Production - Most people have seen a film production crew in action at some time either on television or in 'the flesh'! This is the phase where all the plans are translated into action. Each section required has to be filmed, graphics/animations are produced, music is written and recorded or located on CDs and any other bits and pieces such as library footage are acquired.

3) Post production - All of the various bits and pieces are put together into the finished programme. This usually involves editing the pictures and sound in an edit suite, adding on any titles, captions or graphics, recording commentaries or voice overs and mixing with sound effects and music if required.

The final product is then optimised for the delivery media required whether this is for broadcast, DVD, streaming over the internet, I Pod, Mobile Phones, tape distribution or any combination of these.

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