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Production Guide Magnetic Pictures production guide part two

The Brief

Who is your audience? Try writing a 'profile' about them for e.g., Age group, ethnic group, their state of knowledge of the subject matter, any preconceptions they might bring to the subject, together with any other factors you think might be relevant.

What are your objectives in producing your programme? In other words, What would you like the audience to know or be able to do as a result of watching your programme.? Make a short list of simple objectives and prioritise them.

Would the material be used on it's own? would you envisage the use of any other supportive materials such as printed brochures or leaflets, for example? As a general maxim, video is very good at conveying concepts, ideas and emotions but print is a better medium for communicating large quantities of factual information.

How will you distribute your finished programme to the audience? How, when and where do you envisage them watching it?

For how long would you want the material in the video to remain up to date? Hard factual information can go out of date very quickly, undermining the value of the programme to the audience; so think carefully about the content if you want the material to remain 'fresh' for a long period!

What is your production time scale? It is usually best to start by saying what the latest date would be that you would require the finished programme (including time for any duplication, printing etc.) and then we can work backwards from there.

Who will need to approve the video at each production stage? Try to keep the number of people making editorial decisions down to an absolute minimum and do try to avoid personnel changes mid project!

What is your maximum budget? Obviously this will have an impact on what can be achieved and how your material is presented! If you are a community organisation or a registered charity It is also worth investigating sponsorship or other sources of funding at this stage.

You are now ready to procede to the next stage!

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