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The programme is in two sections. First Mavis an older woman presents her story. This is done through the viewer hearing her thoughts, hopes and concerns about her life. The second section is in the same style giving views and concerns of her daughter, Sue.

In using this material, it should be pointed out that the information given by Mavis and Sue is probably more than would be gained in one assessment interview.

The programme costs £45 lasts approximately 36 minutes in total.

The programme can be used in several ways:

* As a case study of an older person and their carers' circumstances, which can form the basis of the completion of an overview assessment.

* Encourage participants to adopt a person centred approach to assessment and solution finding.

* Consideration of carers issues in their own right i.e. carers assessment.

* To improve multidisciplinary working through developing an understanding of the different disciplines approaches to assessment, their roles and responsibilities.

* Recording overview assessments.

The DVD is available now from Magnetic Pictures priced at £45 (plus VAT and P&P),

Tel: 01564 793061 or contact

Please specify the title "Just Say It Once" in your order.

The programme is supported by a trainers guide, providing background information click here to download

(Please allow 2 to 3 minutes for download).

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