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DVD available to assist with the implementation of the Single Assessment Process:

"If I've Told You Once"

£15.00 each (plus vat, P&P)

"If I've Told You Once"

was commissioned by a group of Local Authorities and PCTs in the Midlands and the North of England with additional Support from the Dept. of Health.

This video is an essential tool for raising awareness to a wide range of staff, service users and carers.

Lasting 18 minutes, it covers all the key principles of the

Single Assessment Process

The programme introduces the viewer to the need for the Single Assessment Process through an opening scene where an older person is visited by several professionals who all want the same information for their assessment.

This is followed by a series of short interviews with key personnel such as the Director of the Change Agent Team, service users, a chief executive of a PCT, a General Practitioner, an Occupational Therapy Manager and a Social Work Manager.

The principles of person centred care, information sharing and person held records are explained with a return to the experiences of the older person.

Key learning points are bulleted to reinforce the messages given in the programme and the video can be used in different ways:

  • In a group session for multi -agency staff
  • By individual learners
  • By Service providers
  • By service users or carers

Trainer's Guidance Notes

The video is supported by a trainers guide developed by Marion Dakin providing background information and session guides, available as a downloadable PDF file Click on links below:

Trainers Guide

(Please allow 2 to 3 minutes for download).

There are also 2 Powerpoint presentations available click below to download

Powerpoint One

Powerpoint Two

Tel: 01564 793061 or contact

The DVDs are available now priced at £15.00 each (plus vat, P&P) for a single copy.

A companion programme "Just Say It Once" is also available. The programme is designed to develop good practice in multi-disciplinary assessment and is an ideal follow up to "If I've Told You Once" Click here for further information

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