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Creative Programme Production

Whatever the final delivery medium, Content is paramount.

We work through the whole planning and production process with you from the original ideas, through the treatment and script development right to the final edited programme. Drawing upon many years of experience with award winning programmes we will work with you to communicate your ideas in the most effective, innovative and exciting ways possible. We will also advise you on the most effective media to deliver your finished projects to reach your target audience.

If you wish, we will also design and produce any covers , labels, packaging and publicity materials you might require.

Projects can be optimised for broadcast or a variety of delivery media including.

Mini DV
local intranet
Internet streaming
Mobile Phone

We also offer interactive multimedia design and web site creation.

We can undertake standards conversion work and encode video into a variety of different formats. Just let us know which format is most suited to your requirements

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We have a proven track record in many areas of production from broadcast to corporate and have also developed a special sensitivity and awareness to the needs of the charity and education sectors. Over the past twenty years we have become one of the top charity video production companies in the UK.

We enjoy close working relationships with all of our clients that help us to produce programmes which are sympathetic to their causes. This has resulted in proven benefits in the areas of highly effective fundraising campaigns and for increasing their profiles.

Our involvement in the charity sector has taken us to every continent, sometimes filming in dangerous and almost inaccessible locations. During this time we have grown to understand the needs of our clients and have been able to develop a whole range of self contained packages tailored closely to their particular requirements.

For both business and charity sector clients we offer the same level of creative flair and commitment whether the programmes we make are saving your company money or literally saving lives.

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Creative Personnel

We have a very experienced team of full time staff including producers, directors, camera operators and editors.

In addition we have a wide circle of freelancers, all of whom regularly work in the broadcast sector, who often work with us on our programmes.

To summarise we can offer:

  • Original programme creation for corporates, the charitable sector, education, training, and broadcast.

  • Broadcast camera crews, shooting on widescreen HD, Digital Betacam format, or DVCam.

  • A pool of talented and creative editors all with current broadcast experience.

  • DVD creation, graphics design, web design and multimedia production.
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