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A citizenship resource for schools and colleges

The Respect programme aims to dismantle the 'us versus them' mentality, addressing identity, prejudices and perceptions of both young people and the police. It provides an opportunity for young people to feel safe to express their thoughts free of ridicule by the group or judgement by the faclitator. It challenges young people to examine their attidudes towards their family, authorities and those they wouldn't choose to associate with, due to perceived conflicting identities.

The CD ROM is modular and designed to be used in schools and colleges throughout the country to engage young people in a dialogue about key issues such as, Identity, Mutual Respect, the Right to Be Safe, Personal Responsibility, Relationships and Attitudes towards ourselves and others.

The CD features an exclusive video track, "Respect Yourself", from the artist "Witness" recorded especially for the RESPECT project.

The pack contains a booklet with full teachers notes and is specifically aimed at Key Stage 3/4 Years 7 to 1, meeting the National Curriculum guidelines on Citizenship, PSHE and Safety Education.

In addition the resource is a great discussion starter for youth clubs, young offenders centres, church based youth groups and so on

RESPECT was launched in February 2005.

RESPECT some feedback from the pilot year:

"Very impressed with the modules"

"The best DVD produced by the police so far"

"The pupils response was overwhelmingly receptive"

"An ideal resource to address behaviour issues such as respect for others or as part of a 'focus day'"

Working with the mental health charity 2Care Magnetic Pictures produced a sensitive new publicity DVD to highlight the scope of their work in specialist centres throughout the UK.

Below is an extract from a letter received form 2Care following the first showing of the programme:

I am writing to thank you so much for the excellent work which was undertaken by Magnetic pictures to create such a wonderful video for 2Care. We are very pleased with the result. We received numerous comments from people who watched the DVD last night and it was certainly the highlight of the evening.

It meant so much that the heart of 2Care could be captured in this way. Would you please thank all the team for their hard work and professionalism.

With renewed thanks and best wishes.

Yours Sincerely
Liz O'Sullivan, Chief Executive

Accolades for "Drop It" a new Schools programme for Jubilee Debt Committee

In the summer of 2004 we produced "Drop It" , a new resource for schools aimed at 11 to 14 year olds (key stage 3) as a part of the Citizenship Curriculum.

The programme has been received very well by all who have used it and revolves around the Young People's Parliament that took place as an element of the JDCs "A Day To Remember" activities.

In a stylish and engaging way it introduces young people to the basic concepts of debt, interest repayments and the issues of international debt and its impact on developing countries.

It briefly outlines the campaigning work undertaken by major organisations since the late 1990s to seek relief from debt repayments for poorer countries.

It highlights the positive effects of debt relief in those countries where this has taken place and provides positive examples of activities that can be undertaken by young people to campaign for a fairer world.

"I strongly recommend this video to any secondary school teacher for use in citizenship, economics and politics classes. So many issues that will engage young people are covered. This video, highlighting poverty and debt, will be an invaluable tool to help young people explore possible ways forward".

Eve Spence, Schools' Out reach Worker for Malvern Development Education Centre

"DROP IT is unique... its appeal to children as well as adults is clear: children were involved in its presentation and filming. Perhaps most convincing is that it was made by people of all faiths and beliefs. It will be seen mainly by young people in schools and colleges, but SHOULD be seen by everyone. After you've seen it, you'll never say "but how can I help?" Again."

Bernadette Kearney BBC Midlands news presenter

Great video - snappy, upbeat, media savvy - a refreshing change from the often budget and dense Trade videos, which are a real put off for most teenagers.

Vimmi Vatish 'Project Co-ordinator' for Kent and the Wider World Development Education Centre.

BMS World Mission

We have enjoyed a working relationship with Magnetic Pictures since 1999. Every year we produce a high quality Harvest Appeal of which the centre piece is a video filmed on location in one of our areas of work overseas. These are usually difficult areas with a number of sensitivities surrounding the filming process. The team at Magnetic Pictures bring a flexible professionalism that always succeeds in delivering a high quality product which motivates our supporters to give to our appeal, raising just under £2m in seven years. If that wasn't enough our videos have been privileged to win six awards from the Christian Broadcasting Council in that time, two of them the top Golden Award.

Alistair Clunie Marketing Director

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